We Help Start Up Solar Companies Grow to 7 Figures And Beyond
Our Philosophy:
3N1 Media is a byproduct of the ‘old age’ marketing agency offerings. Most agencies are slow, unorganized & use logic rather than field tested concepts.

Most agencies will spend 30 days on-boarding you, then charge you a fee! On-Boarding takes 90-minutes with us & there’s no fee so we can get our ads up and running as quick as possible and start generating sales. We’re quick, we’re efficient & we don’t like to waste time.

We are always testing new Facebook strategies in order to take this platform to the edge of it’s capabilities. Maximizing profits, scaling aggressively, staying congruent to brand & image.

It doesn’t stop there, we understand that there is no point in pouring water into a bucket with an empty hole. That’s why we always start with the sales process. Whether it’s a  Solar Company or a Roofing company, we take a look at what your sales & indoctrination process looks like and we start there. Plug the leaky holes, then drive highly qualified leads.

We know a lot of business owners have been stung by agencies before, we empathize. 

That said, we also know you’ve never worked with an agency thats willing to at all costs achieve the mission of growing your company and moving it forward. An agency where the Founder leads by example with his very own business.

So, we implore you to book in a discovery call with us & see why we’re taking the entire agency space by storm.
We believe that putting systems In place is fundamental to short and long term sustainable growth. Thats why when your a client of ours we will start out by looking at what you do or don't have in place and building/fixing those systems. All systems break at scale but we are here to make sure that never happens. 
Marketing is the lifeblood of any start-up/growing company. Without a solid Marketing and Lead Generation strategy your company is sure to fail. We have world class marketing and lead generation specialists that grow your marketing to levels you never thought imaginable. 
Easy to Use
We build out everything taking care of  all the  complex nuances so you don't have to deal with them. We want you to gain your freedom back as a company owner and start being able to actually work on your company and not in it. Great thing is if you decide not to work with us anymore you get to keep everything we built for you FREE of charge. 
Look we get it systems are great, marketing is great, Processes and Principles are great but they all mean nothing if there not actually driving sales. We wanna give you every opportunity to give you more potential sales then you know what to do with. If you choose to work with us the only question i'll have for you is.... How much sales and money do you wanna make ? Now let us go make it happen. 
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This Is Your Chance To Build The Solar Company You've Always Dreamed About
What We Offer

Lead Generation

Email/ SMS Follow up drip Campaigns

Triple Vetted Lead Verification System

Remote Integration Services 

Data Base Reactivation / CRM Build

Our world class marketing team members will be working around the clock to drive as many leads to your business as possible. We will constantly be split testing to see what works best and continually shifting with market demands which guarantee you to rival leading solar companies. The goal is to fill up your calendar with more appointments then you know what to do with. 
We all know in sales that follow ups and constant contact are king. We wanna stay omnipresent in the eyes of the consumer. They may not be ready to buy on the first sale but when they are its important to be at the forefront of their minds. 
Look we know you have been there... you have bought leads from a lead generator just to figure out the contact info is wrong, they cant get approved for the loan and are wondering why you along with 20 other solar companies are calling them. Thats why we vet all the leads not once or twice but three times so by the time you get to the appointment they are ready to close. 
Business is constantly evolving and getting more and more systematized and automated then ever. Thats why we will constantly being identifying  the bottlenecks in your company that are stopping you from growing, patch the holes and help you stay ahead of the game. 
If you don't have a CRM don't worry we will build out a highly effective one for you. If you do now we will streamline it and make it more affective as well as reactivate your data base. Basically we are gonna fire up the engine on those old leads and generate some easy sales for you right off the bat. 
Our Special Guarantee To You
Look we get it you think that it may be risky for you to hop on a call with us or become a client. There is ZERO risk for you. Either you take a call with us and you get a bunch of FREE information you can take and implement to your business on your own or you become a client of ours and we help you grow a solar business behind what you thought was capable. Love it or leave it. 
Take Control Of Your Future Now
I respect that you are doing your do diligence and scrolling to the bottom of the page. Just for doing so and wanting to be informed in our meeting when your about to become a client give me code "Game Changer" and ill personally give you 5% off just for scrolling to the bottom of the page !!
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